May Wong Tianhuan array can not afford such a terrible force collisions, sudden fall apart! Poor Mo left, in the most terrible time awoke, level back down to normal status, how can withstand a collision of these two forces? Fortunately, most of the forces have been subjected to days of lunar Ming array down, can be even more than law, Mo is still too much left, suddenly suffered heavy losses. Whole body dim light colored tower, tower looming crack, lament loudly, turned into a streamer fly into the left Mo body. Five people also often cross no better, a frontal collision of two forces is far too their imagination. They have not had time to react, he was severely Danfei dozens of Zhang Yuan from a large array. Five people who do not have an intact, everyone InjJeremy Scott adidas,Cheap Jeremy Scott adidas,Jeremy Scott adidas shoes ured, his face full of dismay, even the often cross is no exception. East viewers can not see through the mirage floating shadow character array inside the case, but mirage shadow suddenly blurred, also let a lot of people secretly guess. While many people wonder room, just restored mirage shadow suddenly burst glaring light. Under unprepared, many people in front of the white one, nothing to see, however. East float suddenly hell broke loose, panic-stricken people subconsciously self-protection, the huge floating east, screams the ups and downs. Until after a while, everyone eyes resume as usual, the situation was stabilized. Inexplicable panic people subconsciously turn our gaze to the situation just now mirage shadow. Hiss! Thousands of people simultaneously suck cool air without a common scene sound spectacular. Mirage shadow, had left Mo's character array with position, beyond recognition. Puddles gone, the trees gone, gone character array can see is an enormous pit. Pit depth crossed feet in diameter is a staggering five feet. Such a horrible pit, let every heart fly breath, desperately swallowing. Hang around fifteen large cracks across the width of five feet from the pit winding stretch to four weeks, the longest crack length reaches three years! Even the shortest crack, also reached a baizhang! Dark pit, crack dense, shocking, it looks like anJeremy Scott adidas,Cheap Jeremy Scott adidas,Jeremy Scott adidas shoes ugly water tank.But those who see only "water tank" of the people, the brain is only fear and trembling! What kind of power needs to be done? East float audience like this shocking, more intense Greenfield Genei repair person who suffered shock. Light illuminated the moment, the sense of the power of Armageddon, let everyone feel deeply what fear, what is death! There is no interest in who fight the battle. They are filled with terror, his legs like a possessed, ran toward involuntary light lit locations. When you see the pit, they seem to taking away the last vestiges of power, Zuodao the next pit. Floating congregation gathered at the head of the East, suddenly sounded a Jingnu Cross heartache to the bone sound. "My, my Greenfield Court ......"One hundred and fifty sixth 节 loser "Do not forget ......" "Death can not forget ......" Jeremy Scott adidas,Cheap Jeremy Scott adidas,Jeremy Scott adidas shoes ...... Left Mo opened his eyes, long woke up, he woke up first reaction is, it hurts! Whole body bone as scattered stands as the slightest move, they Tongrugusui. He immediately honest down, motionless. Familiar scent drill into his nose medicine, he immediately tell which is which. Hey, really Bitter ah. If he participated in a competition, will enter a Hengfang hospital, it seems this himself Shangdebuqing. "Well, Young, you wake up." Suddenly heard a familiar voice on Jeremy Scott adidas,Cheap Jeremy Scott adidas,Jeremy Scott adidas shoes the right. Big Brother? Mo can not help but turn the left neck, and looked toward the right, just one move, he cries to help gasped, it hurts! He turned away extremely difficult, but when he saw the right side not far from the Big Brother another bed, suddenly shocked. A whole body bandaged, revealing only a pair of eyes on the outside of the man lying on the bed. "Big Brother, is that you?" Left somewhat uncertain Mo asked. This is the same guy wrapped like dumplings, really brave invincible Big Brother? . "Ah" bandage below the sound that people should indeed big brother, he said: "You coma longest time, we are very worried about you." "Big Brother, who hurt you like that?" Do not be left confidence to ask.